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How to spot 'HMRC' scammers?

1. HMRC will never contact you via text message or e-mail to inform about a tax rebate or penalty. Check few examples below of 'HMRC' related phishing emails and bogus contact.

2. HMRC will never request any personal or financial information like your bank details by text message or e-mail.

3. In regards to any payments HMRC will contact you via letter, but be aware you may receive a fake correspondence too.

To make sure that the letter is genuine:

- Ask an accountant for advice. If you have one, they should be aware of any payments or refunds you are entitle to.

- Compare the address on the letter with those on the

- If you have been asked to make a payment than check the bank details with those on the HMRC website


If you receive any suspicious text message, e-mail or letter remember:

1. Do not visit the website and click at links

2. Do not reply to text messages

3. Do not download any attachments

4. Do not disclose your personal or payment information


If you get the same or similar phishing email, text message or letter do not ignore it and report it to HMRC via email to and then delete it.

Keep calm and stay safe!

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